setting sail

The Queens students have set sail for Circuits all around the country - each taking a piece of Touchstone weaving as a sign of continuing to belong to a prayerful and connected community. There was euphoria and tears as they set off - taking their individual weavings from the cross in the garden where they had been hanging overnight. They have woven themselves into my life too ....

God bless the church and all who sail in her ...




Whenever it is tough

We will continue

Whenever hearts broken

We will warm

Whenever thoughts rigid

We will challenge

Whenever discouraged

We will pray


Whoever goes with us

We will embolden

Whoever deserts us

We will bless

Whoever is friendly

We will embrace kindly

Whatever it costs us

We will pay


Wherever God sends us

We will go gladly

Wherever God finds us

We will keep heart

Wherever God guides us

We will walk gently

Wherever God takes us

We will stay