pilgrim eucharist and booklaunch









Over a hundred people made the journey to Bradford Cathedral for the pilgrim eucharist and launch of 'The Exuberant Church' 


At the font

Song: By the Rivers of Babylon

God of the exiles, the excluded and the lost

You sit with us beside the rivers of sorrow

On the banks of despair

In the times of desolation


God of the ‘I am not’,

You have found us wondering who we are and

To whom we belong

You have taken us to the shores of survival

And to the places where our song has been overwhelmed


Remind us that on the very night that you were betrayed

You took bread, sufficient for the journey

And with a gathering of friends smaller than this

Your broke it and blessed it and shared it


We take this bread

Which has been made by people

Who find church difficult and faith perplexing

And we bring it with us on this journey


It is the bread of life, it is the bread of salvation

The bread of the wilderness and the bread of the homecoming

It is the bread of promise and the bread of transformation


Bless us God, walk with us, fall into step beside us

Be known to us in the breaking of the bread


At the stairs

Reading: The raising of Lazarus

God of the journey

We had hoped that you would not have died

We had hoped that you would have been here sooner

We had hoped that you would have made all things new


But you have caused us to wait and wonder

To dwell darkly in the places of unknowing

To wonder who we are and who we are becoming


God of the “I am not’

We bring to you all

That we long to be

Call us out into new life like Lazarus

Pour down your holy spirit on this bread and this wine

The bread of sorrow and the wine of sadness

The bread of breaking and the wine of pouring

The bread of sustaining and the wine of celebration


At the Lady Chapel

God who has poured love into creation

Poured joy into passion

Poured hope into desolation


Pour out your Holy Spirit on these gifts of bread and wine

Remind us that just as you  took bread and blessed it and broke it

You also take us and break us and bless us


When after supper you took wine and poured it

So you take us and drench us with new hope


Show us how the waters of Babylon

Have become the baptism of Jordan


How we are named and known and set free

Holy, holy, holy God, heaven and earth are full of your glory

Pour out your holy spirit on these gifts of bread and wine

That they may become for us the body and blood of Christ

As they were then

As they are now

As they always will be


Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God

World with no end


At the Chancel Steps

Brendan speaks to the book

Barbara replies


At the Peace chapel

As we weave our stories into the story of God

God weaves his story into the story of humanity

This is incarnation, this is becoming, this is belonging

This is the world of God for the people of God


The bread we break is a sharing in the body of Christ


Though we are many we are one body, one community, one humanity

Because we all share in the one bread


Christ the ‘I am’ is broken

As we are broken

Christ the’ I am’ is raised

 As we are raised


May God bless us with mirth and merriment

May God bless us with hope and humility

May God bless us with friendship and faithfulness

May God reside in our hearts and in our hopes

With joy and justice




We bless each other with peace and curry!