Musical peace


We escaped the University campus for the afternoon and crammed into a taxi driven by Elroi (far right) with someone from Norway, and someone from Brazil. Elroi is a musician hoping to make the big time and was also a mine of information on Jamaican politics ... CIA involvement, insurgencies, political 'enforcers' and the influence of the 'Doms'

Our destination - Bob Marley House - where we saw the many awards, discs, newspaper cuttings and simple effects of the great musician. Beside his bed, a pair of slippers and a well thumbed Bible. In his garden, medicinal herbs and pot .... and also his son (centre) a friend of Elroi's

So we got to see the simple house of one of Jamaican's great heroes, born to an absent British father and a Jamaican mother, raised in Trench town amongst abject poverty, receiving no schooling yet full of musical ability .... in some ways troubling but with a message of hope for Jamaica that went beyond the black Jesus - and is, in Elroi's opinion, and ours too, still a profound inspiration to change the world.

Thought: music can take words where they need to go.