Eating for peace

Well, all the rendezvous happened as per plan and we boarded the plane without hitch - well, it was an hour late but in the whole scheme of the Universe that didn't matter too much. 9 hours later, when we got to the airport in Kingston we realised that half the other passengers were also going to the Conference, including the Greek Orthodox priest who had worn his enormous black hat throughout the journey! He also had someone to carry his briefcase, but when I suggested that to Ruth, she wasn't greatly thrilled.

Even at the airport we began meeting people, the Archbishop of Tanzania being our starting point, and then someone from South Africa who knew many of the contacts I had made a couple of years ago we were soon getting to know people, albeit in a bit of a haze as I had not slept at all on the flight, and Ruth had only snatched a couple of hours.


Thoughts : For all the best journeys in life, choose the right companion and an all day breakfast!