I wonder

A certain superiority swept across me as I stood on Matlock station, a station with but one train an hour and looking like a set from the Railway Children, and talked about my Jamaican destination in a rather too loud voice.  But of course, these daily commuters to Belper could be Manager of the World Bank or head of Peak Park planning for all I know. On the London train it is much easier to access some stereotypes - all executives of course reading briefing papers and checking the stockmarket. I wonder!

I am zooming through Kettering, a place for which I have no stereotypes, but through which thousands of people like me whizz at a 160mph with just a cursory glance from the window. I guess nobody wonders in Kettering who gets propelled past their bedroom windows on a daily basis.


We pray for people who are neither here nor there
Don’t know if they are coming or going
Who have lost track of who they are
For people in transition between jobs
Between relationships
Between destinations
For people delayed
In a jam
Or up in the air
Waiting for a signature
A payment
For completion
We pray loving God, for the ebb and flow of this city
That daily journeys will be continually blessed
With humour, patience and shared humanity


Oh, and just in passing God, I pray for the people of Kettering and all those other places with blurry signs I am going too fast to read.