Not going to plan? Whose plan?

It was great when Soul Space got locked out of the German Church and adjourned to my front room (pity I haven't got any furniture, but the floor was packed with people!). Ian Hu was visiting from Liverpool and the gospel reading was 'The Transfiguration'. We were very soon talking about how the church can be transformed and learning from experiences in Liverpool and Bradford. Sometimes, when plans go 'wrong' they are actually going right!

A prayer

Thanks be to you
Waiting God
Who stands at the threshold
Of all that is possible
And holds fast in steadfast hope.

We praise you for the perseverance
Of your love
For the unbounded expectation
Of your promise
For the encompassing of your far reaching gaze

We thank you that you have found us
Amongst the odd, the troubled and the unlikely
And that in the finding
You have embraced all that is possible
Within us, through us and despite us

You are the God of all homecomings
Who questions not where we have been,
Or what we have done,
Or why we have left
But only why it took us so long to return