Learning the hard way

There's been a lot happening, so not much time to blog .... so now here is catch up time!

A study day at the cathedral on how to manage conflict proved quite a challenge. I began preparing for it with the thought, 'I don't know anything about conflict!' but sadly soon realised that I did.

I have also been in an awful tangle with the weaving because I took some wool off the winding machine the wrong way round and instead of getting looser as I put it on the loom, it just got tighter and tighter - aaaargh! I realised (eventually) that the knot was a good illustration of what happens in conflict situations, things can escalate from skirmish to all out warfare if we pull in the wrong direction. Loosening knots takes a lot of time and patience!

Nothing like learning the hard way!

A prayer of Confession

Trouble is we have approached the city like a structure
And not a human dwelling place

Trouble is, we have treated the urban environment like an object
And abused our shared space

Trouble is, we have related to each other with arrogance
And forgotten our common humanity

Trouble is, we have viewed the streets as hostile
And overlooked our mutual responsibility

Trouble is, we have given others status
And been unconcerned with challenging injustice

Trouble is we have forgotten that God was crucified in a city
And continued to overwhelm each other with power

Trouble is, we have made the city in our image
And not lived well enough to declare it good.