A massive tangle

We have just got ourselves out of a massive tangle!

The weaving went horribly wrong and ended up looking like a plate of Chinese noodles!

Anyway, after much patience (and much cursing) we are back ready to weave again. It's been interesting though, how we have taken it in turns to sit down with the tangle and chat with each other as we have gone along. Because of that tangle we have got to know each other a whole lot better!

I've been away on the Common Good weekend - a conference organised by the Joseph Rowtree Foundation for leaders in Bradford.

There were around 35 delegates and we worked hard addressing some of the contentious issues of the city - cousin marriage, the activities of the EDL, the debt culture that keeps people in poverty ...

One conversation decided that the opposite to 'Common Good' was 'Unconnected Good'. There are a lot of good people around in Bradford but it is not always easy to make the connections between our work and to achieve sustainable community cohesion.

It was good to talk, but mostly to meet with other community leaders at a deeper level that just occasional meetings. Thanks to JTF for organising the event!