Speakers, conversations or puddings?

So why go to the Methodist City Centre Network Conference? For the speakers or the conversations or the puddings? I guess you would get a different answer from all three of the Touchstone staff who went!

The first night was a bit boggling but, after an apple crumble or two, we were soon finding points of connection. The highlights for me were to listen to Rev Lucy Winkett, who helped us not only learn about the importance of silence, but also shared the valuable information that London busses are not red on top (she lives in a high rise apartment at Picadilly Circus!) The point being, that things look different when we change the place from which we look. How true of Bradford!

And despite the initial ribald laughter of many colleagues, our own Methodist Vice President, Eunice Attwood shared insights of her work with sex workers in Newcastle and brought a deep reflection to all of us who work in city centres and need to keep our eyes and ears open. It was an extremely challenging and inspiring presentation.

A prayer:

As a hand reaching downward
As a laugh soaring upward
As a thought flowing inward
As an ache moving forward

Be with us, the city dwellers
Steady us, inspire us, taunt us and challenge us
To remain here
As love-bearers, as rage sharers, as truth speakers

As a hope holding, as a challenge walking