Alive and full of possibility

I spent Thursday clearing out my office. Hurray for volunteer Rosalind whose favourite pastime is moving furniture! Now my office is cleared of all the old junk and ready for me to sort out a filing system that goes forwards rather than backwards!
From my window I can see McRory's bar - one day will I be looking back at the 'Old Touchstone'? Tomorrow is our staff awayday to work on the feasibility study ..... but just because something is or isn't feasible doesn't mean it's right or wrong. All our decisions need to be overlayed with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Are we or are we not moving up the alley?!
Here's a prayer to share:
Daring God,
Help us to know what to keep and what to discard;
What to treasure and what to relinquish;
What to hold down and what to let fly.
And in all things, may the dance of your Spirit
be our rhythm and our song.
For you long for us to be alive
And full of possibility
To be both faithful
and fearless.