dull is not a concept easily understood


The days since my return have been fairly full. Here is Christine Fox, a student minister from Durham who came to be with us for 3 weeks. Christine soon became part of the Touchstone team - and learned the essential part of cakes in any ministry (and hopefully a lot more too!).








 The Council of Mosques held a demonstration concerning the film seen as 'anti Muslim'.








We learned how to make (and eat) wheat porridge.





I led a weekend for the Thames North URC synod (and wrote a song).

and there was the latest in the Women Breaking Free weekend .... no pictures but a rainbow to mark a time of promise.









We have also filled out loads of funding bids, with 30,000 promised so far ... and launched two major initiatives, Tandem Listening, with the Bradford College and Listening for a Change, teaching listening skills to women on Community Service ... never a dull moment here!