post sabbatical


I have had three wonderful months touring the world on a Churchlll Fellowship. The title of the project has been 'Weaving Bradford Differently' and I have been to the very north of India, to Nepal and to Indonesia to find weavers and learn about community development. If you want to know what I have been up to then my blog is at


but here is a flavour


travel to the very North of India by train and taxi (avoiding close lorries)





turn up for work with the Panchachuli weavers (foothills of Himalayas, temp 46 degrees)







                         learn a bit about weaving










 fly to Nepal (and learn that you are not short)




meet some great kids and their granny (mum offstage left weaving - you can see the warp!)






fly to Balii 






learn some really complicated stuff (icat weaving)












meet some amazing people









come home and pop up to Scotland 





find some looms from Keighley











come home and be inspired to weave Bradford differently!