look no arms!


It was a bit dark in the German church for taking photos, but this is one of the banner that had been made to take to the demonstration at the Arms Fair in London. Yes, we are still selling arms to countries around the world, an outrageous trade in weapons of mass destruction, but we pretend it is acceptable for the sake of our economy. How fitting that I was taking the service on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and the banner was being prepared to go to the London demonstration. We placed it on the communion table

As it lay under the bread and wine, we talked about forgiveness and what it means, we reflected on the word 'host' being both community and hospitality, but deriving from the Latin word for suffering.

Some Soul Spacers will demonstrate, others will pray, but none of them will do nothing. Impressive.










And here is Hans, a German student in Peace Studies who has been such a delight in the Soul Space community. He is holding the banner in the very Church where Bonhoeffer signed a treaty against the Nazis. Hans goes back to Germany this week and we will miss him, a young peace loving man who inspired us to take the symbol of Christ, superimposed on the CND logo, superimposed on our hearts, to our various communities around the world.... a big challenge.