building peace stone by stone

A great day at Synod in Silsden, when there was a District vote both to approve the Touchstone future plans and to give full support to the fund raising process! It may have seemed a long way from Bradford, in a small Yorkshire town but the people of Silsden literally built their new church stone by stone from the old one! The plans for Touchstone now need to go for Connexional approval, so we don't have the green light yet, but we are certainly feeling supported and encouraged by the District - the wonderful woman in the row behind immediately offered to run a quiz to raise money ifor us and we sold ALL of our prototype 'curry in a bag'!









I got caught in a traffic jam as I drove back into the city, and the reason soon became apparent! What a good reminder of our incarnational ministry among the people of Bradford, Britain's first majority Muslim city. We need lots of support to stay here, to be authentically Christian and to listen and learn alongside people of other cultures and faiths. And that is a good thought to begin with on September 11th, the tenth anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Centre. Like the people of Silsden and the people of New York, we need to build peace, stone by stone.