pants theology



Ok, so this isn't the CHELC Conference, because I forgot to take any pictures, this is Chris Howson at Greenbelt sporting a pair of 'Liberation Pants'!

The CHELC Conference was for Higher Education Chaplains (hence the picture of Chris - Anglican chaplain at Bradford Uni - showing how mature and responsible chaplains have to be at all times!)

I travelled the full length of the M1 to get to High Leigh to give a talk on 'Sustaining Community'; in doing so I not only talked about Touchstone and Somewhere Else, but mused on the word 'host'. From the Latin root 'Hostere' meaning suffering, the English word 'host' can refer to both a 'gathering of people in a crowd' or 'hospitality'. I muse that these two meanings come together in 'the heavenly host' a gathering of the people of God in the hospitality of Christ.

Now that's not pants theology!